First DAY in School

Today was my first day at the Tauranga Boys' College. Yes, it is a Boys College with about 1700 boys from an age of 10 to 18. The school is really technologic up-to-day. But the only flipside is that we have to wear schooluniform.


At my first day, I had to choose my subjects and I was shown the school.

For my subjects I chose Outdoore Education (Sport), Physical Education (Sport-Theorie), Chemistry, English and Maths. Also I have extra sportlesson 3 times a week, where we can do what we want.

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    Andrea (Freitag, 13 März 2009 10:19)

    Ist das Deine Schul- Uniform?

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    Mareike (Mittwoch, 18 März 2009 22:08)

    Ich finde du bist auf dem BOYS' College sehr gut aufgehoben!!! :-D Ild