After a day of surfing at our home spot and just about to wrap up, some friends of mine and I were talking about the perfect conditions which are on the spots located all over the world.


Maui, Egypt, NZ, .....


While we dreamed of all the good conditions, someone just said "Let's do a trip"!

"Yeah right, whatever", was the answer. But after some seconds of thinking, it was just "YEAHH RIGHT, LET'S DO IT"!!!


So we came together and chose some places to be. Places, perfect for kitesurfing or surfing.


After some hours, heaps of discussion and watching a lot of surfmovies, we decided to travel through EUROPE


:D But also a TEAM was formed : S-TEAM with...

Harry the Hurricane, Alexthunder, Marc Mag Storm and me Vito el Viento!