Shock with Happy End

Today, Marc marc storm had an hard day. With perfect conditions (onshore wind with up to 30knts and a swell which flooded the whole beach) it seemed to be a nice day. 


It was a lot of fun till Marc was pulled into the lines and struggled himself. He got some cuts in the face and around his throat but all in all he is allright!


For this shock we bought him a barby cake for this. 



Movie night with tasty prawns

After a day of heavy rain and stormy wind, we just did a nice evening with movies and a nice dinner. 


Marc marc storm, our commissioned for cooking did a perfect job and made us a complete bucket of prawns, with homemade aioli and guacamole. Nice mate!!


The evening ended with the surf film "Surf's Up" (König der Wellen)



Here is a small excerpt from the film.


Having a nice view

Nice P.o.P

Sun and more sun

The wind wasn't enough for a good surf but perfect to start kitesurfing, or to have a little surf on the waves.


It's our third day with Levante! Strong Wind, choppy waves and pure sun. Perfect conditions for the first days in Tarifa. 


8m Kite was the right choose and made fun all day long. The spanishlocals made a taff battle but it was a nice to compete and to have a good pre-comparison. 


Bienvenido Tarifa!


We reached Tarifa after a ride of 10hours and was ready for a good surf, as the wind picked up in the afternoon.


No surf for days!

For three days we are in search of wind and waves, but unfortunately without success.

We drove along the coast with stops in Porto, Figueira da Foz and Peniche. Either we have no waves, no Wind or thick fog, that we could see only 5m of the water.


Soo, we decided to do what we do second best. Having a party and getting wasted!!!


(Sorry but no fotos of this!)

Kitesession / Porto do Son

Checking the forecast and the wind looked perfect for the next two days. So we decided to stay for a couple of days.

It wasn't much wind the first day, so we had a little warm up session. But the next day, when the busdoor opened the wind was at its best side!


We went out with two GoPro Cams and a Cam on the beach, videos will follow! 

Pure Loneliness and Nature

Cliffs of Biaritz

We reached Biaritz in the evening and found a perfect place to stay. On a road, which was directly over the cliffs of Biaritz and had the last moments of the sunset left. 


Getting hungry we made our way to the town, where we found a a nice local restaurant with traditional specialties.


Mimizan / Morning Surfsession

We had a perfekt morning surfsession in Mimizan with a good french-breakfast afterwards. (Baguette, Croissants and strawberryjam thats how you start a morning in France)


At midday our journey went on to the outletstores of Hossegore.


2800 km till now!

Looking for waves

7 o'clock: beep beep


After a restful night, which unfortunately turned out to be short, we moved immediately to the sea again. Unfortunately, with not too many waves but with pure sun.

Arrival in Lacanau/ Just sleeping.. zzz

After a journey of 16 hours, almost no sleep and a visit of the ADAC, we finally reached Lacanau. It was a nice welcome with 33 degree air temperature, and 1 meter waves. Although we were completely finished, we went out and checked out the waves.


P.S The Light is still not working


After a day of surfing at our home spot and just about to wrap up, some friends of mine and I were talking about the perfect conditions which are on the spots located all over the world.


Maui, Egypt, NZ, .....


While we dreamed of all the good conditions, someone just said "Let's do a trip"!

"Yeah right, whatever", was the answer. But after some seconds of thinking, it was just "YEAHH RIGHT, LET'S DO IT"!!!


So we came together and chose some places to be. Places, perfect for kitesurfing or surfing.


After some hours, heaps of discussion and watching a lot of surfmovies, we decided to travel through EUROPE


:D But also a TEAM was formed : S-TEAM with...

Harry the Hurricane, Alexthunder, Marc Mag Storm and me Vito el Viento!