Today is my flight back to Germany and everything is packed and stored in my 2 big luggages. It is unused going back home after half a year in a new country and in a new family.

Looking back, I had a perfect year with a perfect school, family, beach and waves....SO it was just great.!!!


The flight was over 28hours with a stop in Auckland, Los Angeles and London, but it wasn't boring due to the fact that every seat had a screen.... XD

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Last day in NZ

I woke up at 10, had a great breakfast with my family and a last walk around the Mount...


The walk was great despite drizzle in the morning.. We walk around and not like usual up to the top... But it was much better..We saw some Orcas swimming from the harbour out to the open ocean.

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Kitesurfing-Camp 28.6 - 3.7.09

From the 28th of June to the 3rd of May took the Kitesurfing-Camp from the ODE-classes (Outdoor Education) place. It was a fantastic week with a lot of fun and adventure. The 7formers taught the 6formers flying kites, safety aspects and how to treat the stuff correctly.

We hadn't got a lot of days with wind but we always had fun.... :P


THE Camp-ACTIVITIES were kitesurfing, fishing, surfing, rugby, cards and .....

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MY BIG DAY, where I sat the IELTS-exam. The IELTS-exam proves your english skills and gives you notes from 1-9 where 9 is the highest. The result is important if you are trying to study at an english university.

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We had a awesome trip to Rotorua and Hamilton.... Our aim was the IELTS-exam in Hamilton, which was quiet important, if we want to go on an english college.


But it wasn't just the exam, which we did on the trip... First of all we had a great breakfast at Mc Donalds and visited then the hot pools and the kiwibird museum !!!


We finished the day with some rides on the louge... :P

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We had the senior exam-week, where I had to sit in 5 written tests and now I hope to get some good marks...

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Bungee Jump in Taupo

Jumping from a 50m cliff, diving into the water for some milliseconds and then coming up again... Its so much fun but it is just for some seconds...



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Points of the compass

The plate shows the distances between Mt. Maunganui and some other big cities, like Tokyo, London, Sydney and some more...



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The first and the last day of our Trip to Wellington, we spent the night in Taupo. It is a town on the shore of Lake Taupo in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand.


Taupo has a big range of adventures and activities. Like bungeejumping, speedboating and ....


The highlight of the stop was the bungeejumping with diving into the water. We had autumn and it was quite cold but it was great.

The name Taupo comes from Māori Taupō-nui-a-Tia. Literally translated, it means "The great cloak of Tia" where Tia is the name of the discoverer of the lake.

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Wellington - City

After a stopover in Taupo for one day, we finally arrived in Wellington after a 5hr ride.! We were exhausted and tired, but also excited. The day finished with a great dinner at my hostgrandparent's house.


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Trip to Wellington

Today have started our trip to wellington with a stop in Taupo, where we're going Bungyjumping...:P


We left Tauranga with...

1x car

4x people

1x all kitestuff



It will be a great week!!

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Camping in Opotiki

The easter hols started with a ROAD TRIP to Opotiki, a small village in the south mostly ruled by Maori. 3 Days of surfing, BBQ and beach.

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Big Waves and Surfing

Today was a great day at the Shark Bay...! The Bay is atthe left of the Mainbeach and is seperated by a promotory. We had about 2.5m Waves and mostly sunshine...I was surfing with two other friends and a friend of us took some snapshoots..We were surfing to the sunset and had a great look on the wide ocean...


just perfect.!!!


This are the results...!!!! ->

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Big Waves and Kitesurfing

Straight after school I went with some friends to the beach to go surfing and kitesurfing...!!! It was also a good day to surf with 2.8m (forecast), but we had also 22knots and I don*t wanted to miss that....

A friend of mine, who was scared of that (XD), took some pictures...


Here are the first ones...


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Roadtrip to Auckland

Yesterday started our Roadtrip to Auckland to the Cricket Match between India and NZ... We left Mt Maunganui at 6pm and had a ride of about 3 hours before us. Our topspeed was about 100 to 110 km/h. :-D... The speedlimit all over NZ is 100km/h, so compare to Europe nothing.


But finally we arrived in Auckland at 12 o'clock...I sleept on the couch, to tired to go to bed..


The next day was the Cricketgame, which was just fantastic altough without knowing the rules...

The atmosphere was perfect and the stadium was remarkable...

It was a great weekend!!!

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International Head Student

Last week was the election for the new Head Student of the Internationals. Tauranga Boys College has about 32 international students from all over the world, like Hong Kong, Korea, Brasil, Germany and lots of more.... And all these Boys have voted for a head student, who will organize events and help to solve problems.

Today was the  announcement and the boys elect ME..!!!



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Kitesurfing for the first time in NZ

Kitesurfing for the first time in NZ.... perfect WIND, perfect SPOT, and perfect WAVES...!!!

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Climbing up the MOUNT

Today is the "Waitangi Day", celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. It is a public holiday and in Mount Maunganui it is tradition to climb up the Mount. There are also many Family meetings, parades and citizenship ceremonies. We started at 6 o'clock in the morning. We were a group of 5 people. At the top of the Mount there was a Maori-festival with dancing and singing.


More historical info on:

"Waitangi Day" - click here

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First DAY in School

Today was my first day at the Tauranga Boys' College. Yes, it is a Boys College with about 1700 boys from an age of 10 to 18. The school is really technologic up-to-day. But the only flipside is that we have to wear schooluniform.


At my first day, I had to choose my subjects and I was shown the school.

For my subjects I chose Outdoore Education (Sport), Physical Education (Sport-Theorie), Chemistry, English and Maths. Also I have extra sportlesson 3 times a week, where we can do what we want.

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Dropped in NZ

It is the first day here in Paradise... I stepped out of the airplain and everything was perfect....!!! It was about 27 degrees and a little bit of wind


The first thing, I have done when I arrived at my new home, was looking for the beach and the waves. We had about 2m waves and I went for a swim.


The day finished with BBQ.... jammiii

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