The main station of Surfer's Paradise is based at the Steinhuder Meer, near Hanover. It is the place, where I have done my first Kitecourse and bought my first Kitestuff. Thus I grew up there and spent a lot of time on the water. When I started my first jumps I was at an age of about 14 years and got quick quite good. 

Ralf Mardert, the Head of Surfers Paradise and a great friend, began sponsoring me and I did my first experience on the German Kitetour.


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Key facts Steinhuder Meer:

It has an area of about 30 square kilometres, making it the largest lake of northwestern Germany, but it is very shallow, with an average depth of only 1.35 metres and a maximum depth of less than 3 metres.

BLANKFORCE goes back to the essence of Kiteboarding and want to share a state of mind: back to the real values of everybody who lives our same passion.


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Blankforce is a fast growing Kiteboard-Company, with their focus on developing kiteboards and wakeboards to provide excellent quality products, which are made 100% in Europe.


I am really happy and proud to be in the Team and presenting Blankforce!!


I am equipped with the 

- Advisory Quantum Wake 2013 in 137 x 41

- MK3 Power Release 2013 in in 137 x 41


Let me now, if you want to test them. Mobile: 0170-3277311

Freaks Of Fashion, is a small but a really inovative and stylish extremesports fashion-brand based in Hamburg.


He got quite famous with his evolution of a Surfer. 


His focus is also on boarddesign. You can get everything on your board from just flowers, a giant leaf, to a skull.



Marcus, the owner and designer is providing me with tees, pullovers and a lot more and I'm very happy to wear all this.





Check out some of his crazy and fashioned stuff. 

-> Freaks of Fashion

Brabetz Yachting, is the company of my mum. It is a traveling agency for yachts all over the world, in beautiful place with sun and wind.


My mum and dad are working for it, and so I got really early into watersports, like sailing and winsurfing.


Both support me, not only as great dad and mum, but also with traveling, stuff and a lot more.